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“What we need is a world full of miracles, like the miracle of seeing the young child seeking work and independence, and manifesting a wealth of enthusiasm and love.”
Maria Montessori

When teachers and parents of children enrolled at The Montessori Children’s Academy (MCA) identified a growing population of children who could benefit from additional support in the areas of Occupational Therapy and/or Speech and Language Therapy, MCA for Creative Learning was created in 2010.

The unique set of services offered by MCA for Creative Learning is an excellent option for children 3 years or older who are enrolled in an MCA program and whose skills will blossom and advance by having more opportunities to practice under the guidance and with the reinforcement of qualified specialists. The beauty of this program is that students work in a familiar Montessori environment and are provided with ample time to practice in the targeted areas of need while at the same time further strengthening the skills they have already developed. We find that this not only allows the children opportunities to grow new skills, but it also allows them to gain confidence and identify the strengths that they already possess.

At MCA for Creative Learning, Occupational Therapy and/or Speech and Language Therapy are provided to students, as needed, on a weekly basis by professionals who specialize in working with young children. Intimate groups, normally 3-5 students, participate in these supplemental sessions while enrolled in their regular MCA programs. Small-group work time provides the children with a safe, supportive place to practice their newly developing skills as they build confidence in their motor and/or speech and language abilities. Students develop a sense of community with their MCA for Creative Learning peers, just as they do in their regular MCA classrooms. There is no competition here—instead, children find a safe, nurturing place to work on enhancing their skills. MCA for Creative Learning prides itself on following the Montessori philosophy. Children are respected, nurtured, and celebrated in every session.

If you feel your child could benefit from more specific targeted support in a nurturing Montessori environment, we welcome you to call us for more information:

  • Morristown: 973-410-9669
  • Chatham: 973-665-0071
  • Short Hills: 973-258-1400